A Modern Day Remake of:

DUNGEON(1979) for the Commodore PET


The game can be controlled by clicking on the highlighted keys below or using the arrow keys or number pad on your keyboard.

UP = 8 or Up Arrow

DOWN = 2 or Down Arrow

LEFT = 4 or Left Arrow

RIGHT = 6 or Right Arrow

STAY = 5

DIAGONAL = 7, 9, 1, or 3

A Little Background.

When I was but a wee young man in elementary school, I was introduced to my first computer, the Commodore PET 2001. As seen above, it had a green, monochrome screen and a tiny, chicklet keyboard. I was fascinated by the device and started learning how to program in Commodore Basic. Long story short, I was eventually introduced to the game Dungeon coded by Brian Sawyer and distributed via Cursor Magazine # 15. I loved it and played it on the school machines whenever I could.

Now, at the time, I had no idea what Cursor magazine was or where the game came from. Thus, later on, when I was out of elementary school and had purchased my own Commodore PET 2001 second-hand, I couldn't find the game anywhere for sale. I tried to program my own version of it on my machine, but I was never able to make the monsters effectively track and follow the hero.

Jump forward almost 40 years(!) and I had the nutty idea to revisit the possibility of writing my own version of the game. You can play it above. This version of the game is based on what I remember from playing and from a couple of youTube videos of people playing on an original PET. I have taken the liberty of making a few changes to the gameplay which I will discuss below in no particular order:

For a little more information about the game I recommend checking out a review by The CRPG Addict.

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