Dungeon(1979) for Commodore Pet

Submitted by Sock on Thu, 10/20/2016 - 22:01

I'm really excited about this one. This is a remake of a game I used to play back in the 70's in elementary school (shout out to Burton C. Tiffany Elementary School in Chula Vista,  California).  I still remember the teacher, Mr. Rogers, sitting us kiddies down and showing us the school's state-of-the-art Commodore Pet 2001 series computers.  I started learning Commodore Basic programming and loved it.

Dungeon was coded by Brian Sawyer and made available via Cursor magazine on cassette tape.  It was written in Basic.  This new version is, of course, written in JavaScript and takes some liberties with the gameplay, but the look and feel will be very familiar to anyone who played the game like I did back in the day. So click the link above to play the game and read more about it.